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Last Updated on June 30, 2024

Dear Teachers, we’re thrilled to introduce our best teacher planner, a 40+ free PDF template that will help you prioritize what’s most important and get all kinds of organized. This planner has everything you need throughout a year like month calendars, weekly planners, double class rosters page, attendance tracking, and parent-teacher communication logs.

You can print your planner and insert the pages into an old binder, making it a cost-effective and customizable tool. Whether you must prepare for day-to-day activities or be equipped for a parent-teacher meeting, this happy teacher planner takes care of everything. It’s also very seasonal with the aesthetic colors, and it can be printed easily to fit in a bag or binder.


“Teaching is an art, and your printable planner is your artist’s palette. Design your dream classroom experience.”

Karen Lee

We trust this free printable planner can help you much in your other educator planning and wish all the best for our dear princess teachers out there. Cheers to a productive happy day! Our 2024-25 personalized teacher planner will help you and your student feel more organized and stay on track this year. 

This planner is for any teacher: Preschool, K-5, Middle School/High School, and even your college.

Contents of the Teacher Planner

Free Printable Teacher Planner PDF Templates

We also have some great free printables you can check out: 

Teacher Planner - Free PDF Templates - 70 Pages

To begin, just scroll down the page to find all the Free Printable Teacher Planner PDF Templates 2024-2025. Just Click the Image to Download the PDF template you prefer and create your personalized teacher planner according to your unique needs. You can print them out, or seamlessly insert them into digital note-taking apps like Goodnotes or Notability for convenient planning—and start using them today!

These printables are for personal, non-commercial use only. You may not sell, redistribute, or modify the printables.

2024-2025 Calendar

Stay up to date on all the major dates and events during 2024-25. It seems simple, but it is all the critical dates that you should bear in mind. For more templates, visit our Printable 2024-2025 Calendar.

2024-25 Yearly Planner

Start planning your entire academic year with them as an annual planner. Maintain all types of dates and events organized in a way that will always show up on time. For more templates, visit our Printable Yearly Calendar.

Teacher Planner - Free PDF Templates - 70 Pages

Federal Holidays 2024-2025

Set your lessons and activities to coincide with these holidays for an easier schedule.

Class Schedule

Weekly Classes to be Organized Get all of your classes and activities scheduled daily.

Teacher Planner - Free PDF Templates - 70 Pages

Classroom Seating Charts

Spend some time working out how to arrange your classroom. Use this category to design seating charts that suit your classroom instruction and environment.

2024 – 2025 Monthly Calendars

These monthly calendars for teachers help you stay organized with important dates, lesson plans, and reminders. Keep track of school events, assignment deadlines, and personal notes all in one place. For more templates, visit our Printable Monthly Calendars.

Teacher Planner - Free PDF Templates - 70 Pages

Weekly Planner

This planner is for an organized week. Organize your tasks by scheduling the lessons, and planning meetings to remind you of what needs to be done. For more templates, visit our Printable Weekly Planners.

Teacher Planner - Free PDF Templates - 70 Pages

Free Printable Lined Paper for Teachers

Find printable lined paper for all classroom and homework uses. This is a great place to jot down writing activities and notes. For more templates, visit our Printable Lined Paper Templates.

Cornell Notes Templates for Teachers

Use Cornell Notes templates for your students Make them to Take good notes This improves learning and retention of information. Check out our Printable Cornell notes for even more templates.

Student Information

Centralize all critical student information This part is very important to make sure you have easy access to the contact data and some other crucial information.

Parent-Teacher Communication Log

File all communications with parents. This makes it easy to keep who you need in the loop up-to-date on important conversations and follow-ups.

Birthday Calendar

Remember your students birthdays and celebrate them. Cool, thoughtful stuff to make the kids feel loved. For more templates, visit our Printable Birthday Calendar.

Password Log

Use this helpful password log to keep up with all your important passwords. It guarantees backup or failover to important students accounts and resources.

Teacher Planner Custom Covers

Add a touch of your personality with tailor-made front and back covers. Select a design that best suits your style to create the most unique planner.

Teacher Planner Belongs to:

One page for customization, where you can write your name and make it known that the planner is YOURS!

Teacher Planner - Free PDF Templates - 70 Pages

Gradebook Templates

Record your students’ grades with gradebook templates This is a systematic record keeping and monitoring of student performance.

Class Roster

Keep an updated list of all the students in your roaster. You use it to keep all your student details.

Attendance Tracker

Take attendance of students with the easy to use attendance tracker. Make certain all your students have proper documentation.

Homework Tracker

Track and save homework Utilize the built-in Homework Tracker. This makes everything easy on you and keeps your students accountable.

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